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}}The Written Portion{{

Name: christina
Age: 17
Location: boston, MA
Sexual Orientation: bi-sexual
Political Affiliation: N/A
Education: Sr. in High School



Favorite Musical Groups/Artists: Panic! at the Disco, Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Metallica, Led Zepplin, The Beatles, Cake, FOB, Elton John, Meatloaf
Favorite Books/Publications: Ravens Point, anything by Karin Slaughter, and Ronald Dahl
Favorite Fine/Contemporary Artists: Norman Rockwell,
Favorite Movies/Plays/Musicals: Rent, Phantom of the Opera, A Christmas Carol, American History X, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Moulin Rouge
Favorite Museum/Theatre/Arts Centre/Etc: Norman Rockwell, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Opera House, North Shore Music Theater
Favorite Politician/Activist/Writer: William Clinton
Favorite City/Place: Boston MA, beaches


Your beliefs or comments (keep it brief and to the point)

Abortion Laws: should be illegal, except in cases of rape or medical threat. its a life, live with it or let it live at least.
Feminism: too much of a stereotype for some girls, and lets some men keep thinking their better
Marriage Laws: should be there for all humans. love = love, and the right to persue happiness IS a legal right for us.
Alternative Parenting: i am adopted, so i guess i am for this
Higher Education: everyone should have a right to it if they earned it. slackers should not get a free ride, but hard working students should have more of a chance at good schooling.


Share your favorite quote: "Trying to be someone else is a waist of the person you are." -- Kurt Cobain

Ask a thought provoking question: If the majority of the population is weird, then wouldn't weird be normal?

Now answer it: No it would not. Everyone sees wierd as something diffrent, and everyone is wierd to diffrent levels. Since there is no specific way of defining wierd people, wierd can not be the normal.

Finally, why do you belong here? Because I feel there are not a lot of communities that support the arts or culture, and I would love to be a part of it.

What would you bring to this community? I can do HTML, make pictures and such.



Put a banner/link in your info. Then promote in *three different places* Please respect LJ's TOS!!! List your links below. LINKS WILL BE CHECKED :)


1. 3-5 pictures of yourself

2. 1 picture of someone you love

I love my teddy, hes been with me since I was little. I even tried to feed him a hot dog before (thus the mustard stain).
3. 1 picture of visual art that you find breathtaking

I love cities and lights. I also love the slow shutter effect ^_^

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