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Name: Renee aka Jezabel
Age: 25
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian
Political Affiliation: Lean left
Education: Taking a break from obtaining a degree in Visual Communications



Favorite Musical Groups/Artists: Depends on my mood, but Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Buffy Sainte-Marie are some fo my all time faves. I'm predominately a metal head.

Favorite Books/Publications: Wraeththu by Storm Constantine and Custer Died For Your Sins by Vine Deloria Jr

Favorite Fine/Contemporary Artists: Brian McGregore, Grant Nelson, Chuck Hamilton

Favorite Movies/Plays/Musicals: The Crow, Smoke Signals, Underworld, Lost Boys, Phantom of the Opera (I don't like many musicals)

Favorite Museum/Theatre/Arts Centre/Etc: National Museum of the American Indian

Favorite Politician/Activist/Writer: James T. Spears, Betty Berzon

Favorite City/Place: Definitely Savannah, Georgia, great place to be for artists and culture lovers.


Your beliefs or comments (keep it brief and to the point)

Abortion Laws: Pro-choice, pro-life personally

Feminism: All for it.

Marriage Laws: Anti-same sex marraige laws are shit. We can't marry our partners, but Britany Spears' 55 hour marraige was okay...

Alternative Parenting: As long as the child is in a loving home where they can be provided for, who cares?

Higher Education: All for it.


Share your favorite quote: To live your life in fear of who you reall are is to become a stranger to yourself.

Ask a thought provoking question: Are the dreamers the ones who are really awake?

Now answer it: Well, it depends on what you believe,based on the Hindu concept of Maiiah, my Lakota spirituality, Taoism, and Eastern philososphy, I'd say yes...

Finally, why do you belong here?: I'm a dyke artist, heart and soul and want to be around other like-minded girls.

What would you bring to this community?: Well, us Native American dykes are a rare breed, and I am a very out-going, fun-loving, and philosophical person. I am hoping that my stay here will bring some laughs and some thought-provoking moments.



Put a banner/link in your info. Then promote in *three different places* Please respect LJ's TOS!!! List your links below. LINKS WILL BE CHECKED :)

Userinfo: jezabel_pheonix
One: gay_musicians
Two: pghlesbians
Three: queer_rage

1. 3-5 pictures of yourself
None that I could post directly here, but you can check my pics out on my myspace:
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