~*~Monika~*~ (sfubc) wrote in dyke_culture,

Theme #1

For a quick first theme, I was thinking of representations of the human body in art. 

Writing, Painting, even Music, etc, all attempt to portray or describe the human body.  For the theme:

1. Post an image of a piece of art, lyrics to music, or writing that portrays the human body... it can be something that you find alluring, or even something controversial that we could discuss.
2. Discuss how you feel about these questions (of course you don't have to answer them all, this isn't a class, but they give you a general idea of what people should talk about!):

     Where does the line fall between pornography and art? Are they one in the same, or are they different? How do you differentiate between the two, if possible? 

REMEMBER: You post these in a NEW ENTRY with the Subject as "Stamped//Theme #1"
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