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Name: Amberle
Age: 20
Location: Oakville, ON
Sexual Orientation: Bi
Political Affiliation: ...
Education: currently in 3rd year @ York U for visual arts & anthropology



Favorite Musical Groups/Artists: too many to list! I listen to anything from classical to marilyn manson (and that's just the 'M's ha!) but my all time favs would have to be NiN, Tool, Nirvana, Marilyn Manson, Radiohead
Favorite Books/Publications: The Game (Teresa Toten), Interview with the Vampire, The David Suzuki Reader, The Good Women of China
Favorite Fine/Contemporary Artists: Edvard Munch, Gustav Klimt, Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock, etc
Favorite Movies/Plays/Musicals: Girl Interrupted, Igby Goes Down, Great Expectations, etc
Favorite Museum/Theatre/Arts Centre/Etc: AGO i guess, Gallery of Contemporary Art, ROM is pretty good
Favorite Politician/Activist/Writer: Al Gore (An Inconvenient Truth was great)
Favorite City/Place: Toronto (downtown) for events and such... but up North to get away :)


Your beliefs or comments (keep it brief and to the point)

Abortion Laws: Pro choice, but not to be done instead of taking the pill or using condoms
Feminism: everyone has the right to be equal
Marriage Laws: read above... people who love eachother should all have the same rights
Alternative Parenting: pro choice- as long as there is love and financial stability :)
Higher Education: it's always nice to continue learning...but whether it *must* be done in an institution, is another question. Some of the most important things in life are not learnt in the classroom.


Share your favorite quote: (at the moment...) "I think being an artist is about following your own way, and having the courage to be who you are and what you are. To have self-knowledge ... that deep, dark discovery of self, part of which is maturing, part of which is creating wholeness." – Joyce Wieland

Ask a thought provoking question: Who do some people think that they only way out is by putting an end to their existance?

Now answer it: Because it seems that some people get so blinded by the darkness of their present state in life, that they can no longer see clearly into the future, where the always is a light of relief.

Finally, why do you belong here? I feel this is a good place to join, in order to discuss certain issues; and meet like minded individuals - or even those that share opposing views... as long as everyone is open minded :)

What would you bring to this community? Another opinion of whatever topic is being discussed, and I love to give feedback!



Put a banner/link in your info. Then promote in *three different places* Please respect LJ's TOS!!! List your links below. LINKS WILL BE CHECKED :)



1. 3-5 pictures of yourself

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2. 1 picture of someone you love

[my brother...summer05]
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3. 1 picture of visual art that you find breathtaking

[ Gustav Klimt...part of The Tree Of Life]
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