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Hello, culture. This isn't complete, but I want bed so suffer.

}}The Written Portion{{

Name: Tommy/Katherine
Age: 17
Location: Canberra, Australia.
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Political Affiliation: Is ridiculous, who wants to really endorse that anyway?
Education: Highschools.



Favorite Musical Groups/Artists: Ani Difranco, Tori Amos, (it must be a lesbian thing), Midnight Oil, Men At Work, Elton John, Pendulum, Sarah Blaskow, Missy Higgins, Placebo, Lady Sovreign, Nine Inch Nails, Funeral For A Friend, Butterfingers, Grinspoon, The Crispy Corgi's, The Flaming Lips, Toxic Lipstick, The Dresden Dolls, The White Stripes, The Ramones, Linkin Park, MGF, etc etc..
Favorite Books/Publications: I cant really afford to splurge on books at the moment, but I read the paper like mad whenever I have it if that counts for much.
Favorite Fine/Contemporary Artists: I'm a pictures person, I promise - When I'm in a art house or whatever
Favorite Movies/Plays/Musicals: Look Back In Anger (genius play), The Taming Of The Shrew (also known as Kiss Me Kate, 10 Things I hate About You.)
Favorite Museum/Theatre/Arts Centre/Etc:
Favorite Politician/Activist/Writer:
Favorite City/Place:


Your beliefs or comments (keep it brief and to the point)

Abortion Laws: I think abortion is pretty scary. I saw an ultra sound photo of a baby screaming (while being aborted) on a pin board at school, under it was written "The silent scream". I realized than that just because they're not born yet doesn't mean they're not human. They deserve the right to breath air. I know about rape people, I'm not all together naive, I just dont know what can be done about it. It's just one of those situations in life that are going to be painful. I've got a friend who kept her baby, ad she knows she has 1000% of my support.

Feminism: I detest feminists who forgett that men exist to. I cant stand it when they seem to think that just because we had it rough before the 60's that they can tread all over men.

Marriage Laws: Is union between man and womman originaly. However things are changing, and the change is welcom.

Alternative Parenting: Please elaborate.

Higher Education: Is good.


Share your favorite quote: "The only thing freaks have in common is they have nothing in common" - I dont know who. Must've been a mate. My mates are very quotable.

Ask a thought provoking question: Guess what?

Now answer it: Your mad and I'm not.

Finally, why do you belong here? I love art. I crave acting, and music is my heart beat. That's my arty reasons. My un-arty reasons are because, I feel like it.

What would you bring to this community? Sound advise.



Put a banner/link in your info. Then promote in *three different places* Please respect LJ's TOS!!! List your links below. LINKS WILL BE CHECKED :)

I dont know if I really need to. Honestly, there are promosions all over LJ for this community. And I'm not going to put it on my user info because I'm fairly intraverted.



1. 3-5 pictures of yourself

2. 1 picture of someone you love
This is Quin. My cat.

3. 1 picture of visual art that you find breathtaking

May 4th 1970 subtitled the Scream
Vince Packard

This pic scares the hell out of me.
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